Top China Technology Development Ltd. is specialized in providing professional termite extermination and pest control services for residential units, offices, commercial/ industrial buildings, shopping malls, construction sites, parks, etc. Service scope includes a comprehensive line of pest management and environmental improvement program. Strongly supporting the prevailing worldwide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policies and concepts, we would only apply toxic chemicals only when absolutely necessary. With the increasing concern of healthy environment by the public, we are promoting to our clients non/less toxic control treatment technologies to meet same expectation. We welcome all pest related enquiries.
We are proud to be designated by worldwide pest control product manufacturers as distributors/agents for China (including Hong Kong & Macau Special Administrative Regions):

  • Termatrac micro-wave termite detectors T3i Model (
  • The latest T3i model is a three-in-one device which effectively detect termite activities underneath building materials with micro-wave technology, the build-in heat detector and humidity meter accurately single out termite infestation area. No other similar device is comparable to this innovative unit.
  • The EKOMILLIE Multi-Catch Rodent Trap (Made in Italy) is a mechanical device for rodent control, using non-toxic baits to trap targets into container containing disinfectants. Disinfectants eliminate all irritating bad odor from rodent carcasses. It is one of the safest rodent control devices highly recommended by EU countries.
  • UV glue paper insect light traps from Pestwest/Killgerm U.K. and China manufacturers. Different designed rodent control cardboard & wooden glue boards from China & Taiwan.
  • Mistaway ( U.S.A. Automatic misting systems for long term effective mosquito control at external areas of housing estates and gardens etc.
  • Odor/VOC remover from Earth Care (U.S.A) & China manufacturers best use for odor elimination of unwanted smell such as cigarette smell; urine & feces odor from pets & newly painted furniture
  • Pesticide Free (Diatomoceous Earth DE) natural earth powder from U.K. fully met with HACCP standards
  • Electric and battery operated fogging devices from S. Korea
  • Backpack flying insect control fogging devices from SOLO Germany
  • All restoration and cleaning solutions produced by CPI International ( Designed to effectively restore heavily contaminated ceiling and surfaces.

We will provide all other product brochures upon enquiry. We welcome individuals, organizations to form partnership or sub-distributorship for products mentioned above with terms and conditions to be negotiated.

De Sarus Environmental Hygiene System Ltd. Is our strategic partner providing insect identification and pest management survey and recommendation services/reports.

Welcome for any pest related enquiries FREE.

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